1. FileMaker 11 – Charting

    March 12, 2010 by admin

    Finally it’s here! FileMaker Pro Version 11 was announced Tuesday March 9th, and the flagship feature of FileMaker 11 is the new Charting objects. I wanted to talk about how the new charting system works, and also some generalized rules when using the charts. First thing we should go over is the different types of charts available. There are Bar, Horizontal Bar, Line, Area and Pie Charts available for use. The charts will work with Found Sets of Data, Related Data, and Delimited Data within one record. Some limitations exist with the Pie Chart, which can only show one set […]

  2. Script Trigger Dangers

    by admin

    An interesting problem occurred to me the other day while I was working on a client’s system, and although I narrowed down the issue right away, an idea for this blog came to mind. What are the dangers of using script triggers in a database system with FileMaker Pro 10 (and now version 11), with regards to automation and interface design? Interesting issues seem to occur due to the nature of triggers and their given behavior. Using object based triggers seems to be a popular method of delivering automation. Whether you are auditing user interactions, or you are automating tasks […]

  3. Reintroducing the FileMaker Knowledge Base

    March 8, 2010 by Chuck

    An often overlooked tool in troubleshooting FileMaker issues is the FileMaker Knowledge base ( http://filemaker.custhelp.com ). The knowledge base is where FileMaker publishes articles for all known technical issues regarding its products, as well as some very useful how to articles such as Finding Duplicate Records, Formatting Phone Numbers or Performing a Silent Install Along with the Knowledge Base, FileMaker also has its own forum ( http://forum-en.filemaker.com/ ) where FileMaker technical support and other experts will give advice on issues. I encourage everyone who is attempting to troubleshoot a FileMaker issue to check out these resources first. A puzzling problem […]