1. DevCon Recap

    August 23, 2010 by Marshall

    FileMaker’s Developer Conference (DevCon) 2010 has come and gone and when the dust cleared, the most significant product since FileMaker v7.0 was left for everyone to enjoy. That product is appropriately named FileMaker Go. This is not just an updated version of FileMaker Mobile which was discontinued a few years ago, but rather a mostly full functioning version of FileMaker on either your iPad or your iPhone device. The reason that I say mostly is that it won’t run plug-ins if you are using them. I spoke with Jesse Barnum of 360 Works and he indicated that some of his […]

  2. FileMaker takes human form…

    by Marshall

    Flying back on the plane from San Diego after attending DevCon 2010, I’m struck by a revelation that isn’t going to be moderated in a panel or find its way into a group presentation.  It certainly isn’t going to show up on a FileMaker Go! list and will never be demo’ed in the closing.  My thought is as simple as this; I think that FileMaker CFO Bill Epling is a metaphor for everything that is FileMaker.  Or he is a cyborg. Take your pick. I met Mr. Epling for the first time at a FileMaker Platinum Partner lunch several years ago.  I was immediately […]

  3. DevCon Bucket List

    August 12, 2010 by Marshall

    The FileMaker community is abuzz with excitement about the impending DevCon starting this Sunday and going until next Wednesday. FileMaker delivered their piece by giving us all something new to use in their timely release of FileMaker Go! (exclamation point added for effect and not necessarily a command for the software) Being as there is much to see and do, Anvil Dataworks is taking it upon ourselves to act as your guide and provide you with a quick list for what to see and do. Protective devices may be required. Politely attend the Keynote – Based on last year’s Burning […]

  4. 7 Basic FileMaker Tips

    August 11, 2010 by admin

    I often work with casual FileMaker developers and there are some common yet simple issues I commonly come across that I wanted to share: 1. After creating a record, it’s not possible to go to related records until the current record is committed. After setting a relational field in the new record, make sure to click out or commit before trying to go to a related record. 2. In preview mode, the vast majority of record manipulation besides record sorting either won’t work or show up besides sorting. Make sure to modify records beforehand in browse mode before entering preview […]

  5. DC User’s Group Meeting, August 4, 2010 – FileMaker Go!

    August 3, 2010 by admin

    FileMaker recently released a new program for the FileMaker Suite of products, FileMaker Go, the Mobile solution to database connectivity. As you may have read below in our review of the product, there are some rules and limitations for FMG that need to be addressed if you plan on developing for this new platform. The DC area is lucky to have an Engineer from FileMaker, and even luckier to have that Engineer present a special User Group meeting on the new iOS FileMaker Application. Please join us Wednesday August 4, 2010: FileMaker, Inc. One Metro Center 700 12th Street NW […]